Journey To the Finish Line

You know, the problem isn’t that I forget birthdays.

The problem is that I remember them too early.

Bear with me, here. I am, admittedly, horrible at remembering birthdays on time. What seems to happen is that about 3 weeks from said birthday I think to myself “self, your mom’s birthday is in three weeks” and I reply to myself “self – well its still a bit early for a card, but perhaps I should write it on the calendar”

And then I forget.

So I’m at dinner with my friend today and a text comes through on my phone from my sister:

See? I’m not the only one (sorry for throwing you under the bus sis….haha)

Believe this or not, Food Lion has some pretty funny cards.

After stopping at the store for the card I called and got her voicemail. I was going to just leave the traditional…

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~ by zonamusikindo on October 21, 2011.

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