Luggage Tags and Sunblock

Iceland is a country with a quite varied and unusual landscape, but one thing it has by the truckload is waterfalls. I saw a lot of waterfalls on my trip. In fact, at the beginning, my tour group leader joked (I thought) that each day we would stop at the “waterfall of the day”. The only joke was that most days, we weren’t limited to just one.

Many of my fellow travellers soon grew tired of the parade of waterfalls, but I have to confess that I never did. I love the sound of water rushing over the rocks and feeling the mist on my face. There are some that are basically trickles wearing a path down stone walls to the ground, and others that are powerful run-offs shooting off a cliff face to join a churning whirlpool of energy at the base. No two are alike, and to me…

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~ by zonamusikindo on October 21, 2011.

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