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The first browser I ever used was Netscape Navigator. Wow. That brings back some memories. I paid $45 for a year license. Yeah, you heard me. Back then you had to PAY for a browser. Silicon Valley wunderkind Marc Andreesen was the master-mind behind what was at that time one of the hottest companies in the internet world. The year was about 1997 (or ’98).

However, Navigator’s hegemony as a browser, and Netscape’s viability as a company, was trounced when a little ol’ company from Redmond, WA released THEIR browser…for FREE. It was called Internet Explorer. Game over man!

Then I used IE for a while. Ugh. Even typing the letters irks me. This was back when I primarily used Windows computers.Yeah, I know. It’s hard for even me to believe there was a time when I actually preferred working on one of those things. (To this day, whenever…

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~ by zonamusikindo on October 21, 2011.

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